• Brow Application

    1. Make sure your skin is clean and dry (oils and makeup will prevent brows from sticking).

    2. Cut brows out as close to the brow as possible, the more of the white paper you cut off, the easier it will be for you to see where you want to position them. Once cut out you can hold them to your face to see if they need trimming. You can trim the brows to get a size/shape you’re happy with, this will not affect them sticking.

    3. Remove the clear film, avoid touching the sticky side of the paper.

    4. Hold them up to your face to see where you want to position them, then lightly tap them onto your skin. Lightly tapping ensures that if you need to reposition them then you can gently lift them off. If you apply them firmly and then try to remove them to change the position, this will affect them sticking properly.

    5. Once you are happy with the positioning, soak with water using a cotton pad apply pressure.

    6. Hold the wet cotton pad on them for around 10 seconds. When they are ready the paper will slide off on its own. Do not to pull or lift the paper off, this could cause the brow to not stick properly. 

    7. Once the paper has slipped off, pat the brow down with the damp cotton pad and let air dry.

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  • Remember

    Avoid putting any creams, oils or makeup such as foundation (powder products are ok) directly on top of the brows. They are waterproof but when swimming or showering avoid rubbing, tap them dry and avoid putting your face under hot water in the shower. 


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  • Removal

    You can use tape to remove your brows. Simply cut a piece to size, apply over the brow and rub over them with a bit of pressure then lift off. You can also use an oil based makeup remover.

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