A little bit about me

My name is Farah, I'm half Irish and half Mauritian from West London. I was diagnosed with Alopecia over 20 years go. I let it control so much of my life, but recently I decided to stop wearing wigs and embrace it.

I am a jeweller, product designer, artist, influencer and ambassador within the Alopecia community.

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The long version

I was first diagnosed with Alopecia when I was 8 years old, and by 15 I was completely bald. As a child and teenager I never spoke about my hair loss and I hid under wigs.

When I was 21 and in my final year at Central Saint Martins, studying Jewellery Design, I decided to dedicate my final collection to sharing my Alopecia story for the first time. I created a collection of jewellery, each piece representing every physical and emotional stage I went through losing my hair. I ended up (after suggestion from my tutor) modelling the collection myself, and it was the first time anyone had seen me bald.

From there I started my Instagram to share my work and raise awareness for Alopecia. I post about my day to day life to show people that you can live a normal life despite hair loss and hopefully supported and encouraged other people who live with a visible difference. I saw no-one who looked like me growing up, and I know it would have changed my life if I had. So I'm also trying to be the person my younger self needed to see.

I have continued to make jewellery (both bespoke and collections) since graduating, but I wanted to develop my brand into a place that supports people going through hair loss in more ways.

My eyebrows have fallen out a few times over the years. I tried numerous techniques to replicate the look of them, from make-up to microblading; but I was never happy with the results. So in 2021 I started trying brow transfers and developed my own range in a variety of shapes and shades. Farah M London Brows launched in 2022, they are quick and easy to apply, waterproof and last for up to 3 days. They've become a staple in my day to day routine and I've now sold thousands world-wide.

My custom jewellery and transfer brows help me feel more confident letting people see me bald. I've created Farah M London to be an advocate for the Alopecia community and hopefully help others feel represented and more confident in themselves too.

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